Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ravens are Super Bowl Champs!

So, the last time I blogged, the Ravens had just had their hearts ripped out by the New England Patriots (and Billy Cundiff).

Fast forward one year to now. The Ravens take care of business in Boston and beat the Patriots pretty soundly, and then they face the San Francisco 49ers: the team I grew up rooting for. Well my loyalty to the Ravens wins out obviously.

The game appeared to be a blowout. I can't believe I missed the Jacoby Jones kickoff return for a touchdown because we were watching the Puppy Bowl. But then the lights go out, delay the game for over 30 minutes and then the 49ers come back. With under two minutes to go, the 49ers have 1st and goal at the 7 and fail to punch it in. Sure there was a controversial no call, but I'll take it. I was so nervous during the 4th quarter that I chewed right thru the plastic cup I was holding.


And to make the feeling sweeter, guess who put $20 on the Ravens to win the Super Bowl back in August. THIS GUY! Icing on the cake, baby.

As far as what's going on in my life, I am not longer working at Z bank. I now work at the local credit union doing personal loans for people. I enjoy the interaction with people on an everyday basis. Camille and her sister are still running a successful doggy day care business. I am in my third semester of my master's program at the University of Utah.

In October I had the chance to go to Brazil and visit the Amazon Rain forest. I did one of those jungle tours where you go stay in the rain forest right out on the river. We fished for piranhas, swam with freshwater pink dolphins and even spotted a three toed sloth. Then I went to the northern beaches of Brazil and spent a few days just relaxing on the beach. It was my longest vacation in 10 years and I can say it was much needed.

Camille had an extraordinary opportunity to visit a country that has been on her bucket list for years. She went to India in November and spent 17 days visiting the Taj Mahal, Nepal, and Jaipur.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's been awhile...

It's been about 10 months since my last post, so let's go ahead and fill in the blanks.

First off, I'm still married, in case you were wondering.

Second, we've increased the number of animals we have... and sorry, no baby announcements...

Camille and I now have two cats, four dogs, and an African Grey parrot.

Third, we've moved. Around Labor Day, Camille and her sister purchased a doggie day care business just out side of Park City, Utah near the small town of Kamas. We live on 42 acres at our dog ranch where Camille and her sister walk, board, and take care of dozens of dogs per day.

I guess you could say that the movie "We Bought a Zoo" is based on our marriage, but the difference is that Camille is alive for this movie.

If you'd like to see the website, please visit:

I'm still working at Z bank, and I've recently been admitted to the Masters of Real Estate Development program at the University of Utah. It still doesn't feel real that I'm going back to school, but I'm sure one day it'll hit me. That day will probably be when it's time to pay back some student loans.

Since this is a sports blog, I guess the main updates on my sports teams are this:

Baltimore Ravens: They came within one play of making it to the Super Bowl against, and the team I rooted for as a child, the San Francisco 49ers, also came within one play of making the Super Bowl. I'm still bummed out about this, and I'm still recovering. Hopefully I'll be ready for another season come September.

Utah Jazz: I have no idea what this team is doing. I'm still mad at the Deron Williams trade, even though I understand the "why" they did it. I haven't really watched the team since the trade, but we have a bunch of average players on an average team. And now that AK47 is gone, all my hatred goes to Devin Harris. HE SUCKS. And Greg Miller is an immature tool.

BYU Cougars: Zo, Scott, and I did a man trip out to Austin, TX back in September to see the Cougars lose by one point to the University of Texas Longhorns. The following week, the Cougs lost 54-10 to the Utes in Provo. After that, I checked out for the season. Call me fairweather, sure. I'm ok with that. The University has zero direction by going Independent. Yes, I get it, the Mountain West is going away now, but do whatever it takes to join the Big 12 you knuckleheads.

You could say I'm a disgruntled fan lately, which is why I'm glad that I have other distractions in my life with my wife's business and going back to school.

Hope all is well with everyone. Does anyone even blog anymore? I know I don't.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dunkball 2: Teaser

So, it's been awhile since I blogged. I think my last blog was the night of Lebron's decision. A lot has happened since then. Camille and I have continued to work on our lovely home in Holladay.

Last year we put in all new carpets, wood floors, paint, sod, and a new roof. This year we hope to put in a new fence so our dogs can enjoy the yard unsupervised.

We have been on an animal rescuing spree lately. Since we have moved in, we have fostered 5 cats and 7 dogs and we recently adopted an African Grey parrot named "Baxter". He's quite the funny guy and he is sitting on my shoulder as I type.

Just last week, he went a little kamakazi on us and flew out an open window right into the street and into oncoming traffic and was hit by a car. It's a miracle that he is still with us, I thought he was a goner for sure. But we took him to the vet emergency room and all he had was some bruises. He's almost as good as new.

I have some exciting news. This week we spliced together some footage from Dunkball 2 (that we shot in High Def) and put it together for a contest at Sport Clips. They are doing a video contest and the winner gets $10,000.00 so go vote for our video. I think it's a lot funnier than all the other videos there, but I am a little biased. Here is the link:

I'll try to blog a little more when we have exciting news. Or even some mundane thoughts.

A few of you wanted my opinion of the Jazz and the Deron Williams trade and the Jerry Sloan retirement. My opinion is this: I haven't watched a Jazz game since.

And yes, I love the Jimmer. I will always love the Jimmer. He gives me a Jimmer and the only way the Jazz will get me back is if they draft the Jimmer so I can watch him on a regular basis.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Married Life

So, a lot has happened in the past four months...

I married Camille Porter on March 26th, and yes, it was the coolest day of my life.

The same week of the wedding, we purchased a home in Holladay, Utah. It's a fixer upper and that's pretty much what I have been up to.

We've put in new hardwood floors, new carpet, painted every single room in the house, and just finished tearing off 80 years worth of roof and putting on a brand new roof. I can't take credit for all of the work. Camille and her nephew, Kaleb, have been most helpful, and we also hired shingle expert, Dallin, for the new roof. I pretty much live at the Home Depot.

Our two dogs, Kiri and Shiba, love the 1/3 acre of wild forest that our house sits on. Our two cats, Sooki and Koshka, also love to go outside when Camille allows it.

Married life IS everything it's expected to be, and I'm fortunate that my wife fell in love with a dunkball dweeb like myself.

In the world of sports, Lebron James is about to announce his big decision in less than an hour. ESPN has created the biggest hype machine around this kid over the past 8 years. He's lived up to all expectations, except for a championship (which is harder to do since Cleveland has failed to give him an adequate running mate in 7 seasons. But this dog and pony show that he has put on over the past month has made me more of a Deron Williams and Kevin Durant fan.

Hope all is well with everyone, and we'll have our housewarming party soon!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Jon here. I've hacked into Joe's blog to inform his readers that we're going to broadcast Joe's bachelor party TONIGHT at about 7.

The windows below should provide you access. If not, just go to the actual link at:

Live TV : Ustream

Thursday, March 18, 2010

8 Steps to Protect Your Engagement

So, I'm only seven days away from getting married. I've always heard that it is tough to stay chaste during an engagement because of the temptations of the devil. I'd have to say that tuning things down during the engagement was surprisingly easy, and I am here to share my secrets. We may even give seminars to young adults later on in life and become famous speakers :)

Step One: Make sure that she moves in with her married sister/brother (especially if the sister has young children around). You'll never lack privacy, and it's hard to fine any alone time or alone place.

Step Two: Move in with a roommate who owns his own house, is pretty straight-laced and that you'd be embarrassed to get caught making out around (thanks, Pete!)

Step Three: Buy a house or at least pretend like your gonna buy a house. I've found the house buying process kills a woman's libido because she'll act like she likes the house more than her own fiance.

Step Four: Keep the engagement short. 8-12 weeks is plenty of time to plan a wedding. I don't understand these people that can wait 6-12 months. That's how you ruin a wedding, silly!

Step Five: Get a puppy. A puppy needs constant attention and will pee if you turn your head away for one second. The frustration of training it washes away any raging hormones.

Step Six: If you're still feeling randy, get ANOTHER puppy! We did it (and yes, we are insane)

Step Seven: When you buy the house (see Step 3), make sure it's a fixer upper. The chance for any temptations is low when the carpet smells like a mixture of cat pee, old lady, and cigarette smoke :)

Step Eight: The only serious note of this article, make sure to start praying together the closer you get to the wedding. My friend suggested it and it really works.

In fact, all these steps work so well, that sometimes you wonder if you're libido will magically kick back in the first night of marriage and honeymoon. Don't worry, I'm not worried. I know I'll be fine. I'm Average Joe.

See you all at the wedding!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Two weeks to go

Well, not a whole lot to say in the world of sports...

But I am getting married in two weeks to the beautiful Camille Porter. We are also closing on our home in the next 24 hours. It's all crazy and happening so fast.

If you would have asked me six months ago if I was getting married, buying a house, AND having two cats and two dogs, I would not have believed it.

Well, be-lee dat!

Hope to see you all at the wedding in two weeks!