Thursday, July 8, 2010

Married Life

So, a lot has happened in the past four months...

I married Camille Porter on March 26th, and yes, it was the coolest day of my life.

The same week of the wedding, we purchased a home in Holladay, Utah. It's a fixer upper and that's pretty much what I have been up to.

We've put in new hardwood floors, new carpet, painted every single room in the house, and just finished tearing off 80 years worth of roof and putting on a brand new roof. I can't take credit for all of the work. Camille and her nephew, Kaleb, have been most helpful, and we also hired shingle expert, Dallin, for the new roof. I pretty much live at the Home Depot.

Our two dogs, Kiri and Shiba, love the 1/3 acre of wild forest that our house sits on. Our two cats, Sooki and Koshka, also love to go outside when Camille allows it.

Married life IS everything it's expected to be, and I'm fortunate that my wife fell in love with a dunkball dweeb like myself.

In the world of sports, Lebron James is about to announce his big decision in less than an hour. ESPN has created the biggest hype machine around this kid over the past 8 years. He's lived up to all expectations, except for a championship (which is harder to do since Cleveland has failed to give him an adequate running mate in 7 seasons. But this dog and pony show that he has put on over the past month has made me more of a Deron Williams and Kevin Durant fan.

Hope all is well with everyone, and we'll have our housewarming party soon!


Laura Lee said...

Ah, it's good to hear an update. I miss you Joe!

And I'm glad you're having a housewarming party because I still haven't given you guys your wedding gift yet. Hopefully soon.

Aynna banahna said...

I'm so glad you updated! It's been so long. Sorry we missed each other tonight :(

Craig Barlow B. said...

ESPN has failed to build a hype machine around me for years. They are out of touch.

Monica said...

I didn't know you guys have two dogs and two cats! Full house. Your new place sounds awesome and I'm really impressed with all the work you're putting into it. I bet it's beautiful.

My brother almost got away with naming his last son Lebron...ended up with Rocky instead. :)

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