Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dunkball: Final Cut still shot

In case you're wondering, here's the editing layout of the Dunkball movie.

Each box above the line sort of in the middle is a separate video segment. The boxes below the midline are audio segments. The dots in the boxes are adjustments within the segments.

Yeah, anyway, pretty boring right? We just wanted to point out how many little boxes we were dealing with.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dunkball: Save the Best for Last!

It looks like we will be last up on Saturday night! They are grouping our movie with 3 other shorts in the final showing of the festival.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dunkball: Low Rims, High Hopes

Enjoy! And please share your comments.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dunkball: The Cast

The movie premiers tomorrow. Here is the low down on the cast and crew:

Executive Producer & Director: Joe Evans
Editor & Graphics: Jon Madsen

Featured Cast:

1. Joe Evans aka Squatch: Producer, Director, and Editor. Took over for organizing dunkball the past few years after Nick went to pursue his MBA graduate degree, not his NBA degree. Joe submitted the movie to the All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival.

2. Jon Madsen aka Tiny: Master editor and graphics. Although Jon actually never dunks, and he needs to be talked into coming out to play, his MAC and mad Final Cut editing skills helped make this dream come true.

3. Brad Heitman aka Black Ninja: Brad's enthusiasm and witty remarks really helped bring the Dunkball movie vision alive. Most people were concerned about dunking or "winning the tournament" but Brad understood the future of this great sport.

4. Clint Boneck aka Bugger: Clint has been a loyal dunkballer for over a decade. His humorous demeaner was tough to catch on camera, but luckily the ladies help bring out his inner ninja.

5. Scott Steele aka Gimp: Scott missed the first year of Dunkball due to an ACL injury to his knee. Ever since his recovery, you can always count on Scott being there wreak havoc on the opposition.

6. Nick Prince aka U-Nick: Nick was the original commissioner of Dunkball and made sure that we played almost three times a week. Once his organizational skills left for the MBA, dunkball has never felt the same. We hope to get one final Dunkball tournament completed and film before his departure out of state as he persues his PhD in what else? "Organizational Behavior."

Other ballers:

Ricky Wagner (the one in the headband)
Michael Hintze (the blonde dude)
Jason Meyer (aka The Aviator)
Zack Neipp (aka the Green Goblin and the Black Ninja's nemesis)
Nathan Hartman (Indiana boy with mad skillz)
Justin "The Party" (the best camera work and serious lady killa)

Laura Durham
Lindsey Herman
Maria Merrill
Kristi Sorensen
Stephanie Stephan
Adriane Wilson

Original Music:
Dane Morrow

Special Thanks:
To all those that have participated in dunkball over the years (Neal, Devin, Paul, Scott, Mike N, Lex, Rich, Zo) and especially to Rhett Weller, who helped make this website possible.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Dunkball: The Movie Premier

Dear Friends/Readers,

We are showing the premier of the Dunkball movie this Sunday night at my place at 9 p.m. Hope to see you there.

Contact me if you have any further questions,

Average Joe

Monday, June 8, 2009

Dunkball the movie: We are in!

Dear readers,

I wanted to inform you that the film Dunkball has been accepted into the All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival! I am very excited to be a part of this! See below:

Hi Joseph -

Thanks again for taking the time to submit your film, “Dunkball”.

As a filmmaker, I understand the long hours, money, and pure passion put into your project to see the vision completed. Therefore, it gives me great pleasure in informing you that your hard work has paid off. I am honored to be screening your film in the inaugural year of the All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival.