Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ravens are Super Bowl Champs!

So, the last time I blogged, the Ravens had just had their hearts ripped out by the New England Patriots (and Billy Cundiff).

Fast forward one year to now. The Ravens take care of business in Boston and beat the Patriots pretty soundly, and then they face the San Francisco 49ers: the team I grew up rooting for. Well my loyalty to the Ravens wins out obviously.

The game appeared to be a blowout. I can't believe I missed the Jacoby Jones kickoff return for a touchdown because we were watching the Puppy Bowl. But then the lights go out, delay the game for over 30 minutes and then the 49ers come back. With under two minutes to go, the 49ers have 1st and goal at the 7 and fail to punch it in. Sure there was a controversial no call, but I'll take it. I was so nervous during the 4th quarter that I chewed right thru the plastic cup I was holding.


And to make the feeling sweeter, guess who put $20 on the Ravens to win the Super Bowl back in August. THIS GUY! Icing on the cake, baby.

As far as what's going on in my life, I am not longer working at Z bank. I now work at the local credit union doing personal loans for people. I enjoy the interaction with people on an everyday basis. Camille and her sister are still running a successful doggy day care business. I am in my third semester of my master's program at the University of Utah.

In October I had the chance to go to Brazil and visit the Amazon Rain forest. I did one of those jungle tours where you go stay in the rain forest right out on the river. We fished for piranhas, swam with freshwater pink dolphins and even spotted a three toed sloth. Then I went to the northern beaches of Brazil and spent a few days just relaxing on the beach. It was my longest vacation in 10 years and I can say it was much needed.

Camille had an extraordinary opportunity to visit a country that has been on her bucket list for years. She went to India in November and spent 17 days visiting the Taj Mahal, Nepal, and Jaipur.

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Steph said...

Yea, a blog post! Congrats to the Ravens!